Coming Back

A very tired team of Lifeteamers arrived home from the aboriginal community we are partnered with; they arrived home with mixed feelings of hope and sadness.  Again in their time there, Rob heard a number of times how important this visit is to the community.  As he walked down the school hallway on the first day, kids would come running out of their rooms to hug him.  The Lifeteamers couldn’t believe the warm reception that they as strangers received.  And the reason? “…because you keep coming back.  Nobody who comes here ever comes back.” When I think of the message we have of a God relentlessly purues us, what good news that is for those who have grown to believe they are nothing worth “coming back for.” (more…)

Posted on December 16, 2010

A Note from Andy

This time year is always a time to stop and take stock of what the previous twelve months have been like. We all have our memories, but for me as I look back I see images of kids accepting the grace of God in a paddling pool at our camp on Gambier island; 28 of us mixing mud and mortar to build houses and a play park in Rwanda; hearing stories of redemption on the streets of the Downtown East Side where we are launching a new project; welcoming many new team members who have a dream to impact the lives of kids and seeing them fly in places like skateparks in Surrey and Youth centers in Abbotsford. (more…)

Posted on December 13, 2010