Posted on June 13, 2011


Each time I sit down to share some of what’s happening at Lifeteams with you, something else happens and I don’t know where to start! Over and over in the last few months we’ve been reminded that our God never stops working – we just don’t always recognize His hand.  Recently, however, his fingerprints have been so very evident.

We see God’s finger prints on the hearts of individual kids who are giving their lives over to Jesus. One young man was staying at a shelter for homeless youth when he became friends with a Lifeteams student who is serving at the centre twice a week.  In a prayer time Rob had challenged the students to be a true friend to the young people they worked with by telling them a story about Jesus that week. Ryan took the challenge to heart, and in a conversation with this young man, Ryan introduced him to his best friend – Jesus.  The young man listened intently and became more and more excited with what he heard.  At the end, he knew that in the middle of all the instability of his life, he needed a saviour.  After the conversation Ryan offered to give him a ride back to the shelter and he said, “No way – I’ve got so much joy inside me right now I just can’t be still! I’m running all the way back!”

Posted on June 1, 2011