Abbotsford: C-21′s Amazing Team! Would you like to be a part of it?

I wish you all could meet the fantastic people that give up their Wednesday and Friday evenings to see what amazing work they do. One of the most heartwarming stories I have is of Nolan. You can usually find Nolan shooting pool with a couple of guys, or hanging out with kids at the concession stand. The young guys that Nolan attracts are the socially awkward guys. One Friday, I was hanging out at the entrance; welcoming the young people as they came in. “Russ” stopped and chatted with me. After asking him how his day was, and the usual questions, Russ’ face lights up and he says “Guess what Maria. … Nolan said that he’d be here tonight!”

This school year, and for a while now actually, I have been realizing that there’s a lot more work to be done than I have time to do! In these last few months I have had to make the decision to close the C-21 drop-in on a couple Friday nights because a number of volunteers have not been able to make it. We all know that C-21 (and various other ministries in Abbotsford Youth Unlimited) need to have more volunteers. It’s been a real blessing to me to see the current volunteers promote the need for volunteers at C-21 on their own.

If God has been placing it on your heart to be a light for the youth in Abbotsford, but you don’t know where to start, please send me an email or call me at 604-852-2725. I’d love to meet you for coffee and hear your heart and listen with you to see where God is calling you to be.

Marla Dyck‘s Fall 2012 newsletter
(Youth Unlimited Abbotsford

Posted on November 11, 2012

North Vancouver: New vibe for Skateboard Ministry

There is a new excitement about the Skateboard ministry this year. Firstly, we are now skating for the first time indoor and in our own community. This is huge for us, as we have been moving around to different cities for 4 years now, trying to find a place to skate. With a regular place to skate we will be able to grow into the space we are using. In the past we were so limited by the number of seats in our vans, now skaters can show up on their own.

Secondly, we have started to reach out to 10-12 year old skaters through our SKATE PUNX program. We are mentoring 4 of the older skate club youth to work with the younger kids. We are excited about this because they will be teaching kids how to skate and be sharing the Thought for the Night (TFTN). The TFTN will give them the opportunity to share some of their story as it relates to how God is working in their lives. We are praying for more leaders who can serve as mentors for these guys.

- Mark Koop‘s Fall 2012 newsletter
(Youth Unlimited North Vancouver

Posted on November 10, 2012