Mission: Jester’s Theatre play a success!

Our 45 member (ages 8-18) Cast and Crew at Jesters 2012 Fall Theatre performed “While You Were Sleeping” for appreciative audiences on December 1 at the Alliance Church in Mission.
This year’s play was written by four cast members.   The theme of the play and of our club was about finding your God given talents and using them.  Students beamed at their personal accomplishments in theatre and their success in making a difference in their world by raising money for both Youth Unlimited and Operation Christmas Child through their ticket sales.

A parent emotionally expressed his love for his daughter and his excitement over her confidence and growth at Jesters!

One audience member said “I got SO much out of this play, it was SO well done – thank you for doing this!” 

This year we gave opportunities to our student leaders (in grades 10-12) to mentor younger club members both in theatre and in their understanding of God.

One middle school student shared that because of her involvement at Jesters, she has begun reading through the Bible!

I overheard another conversation in the hall between two younger students in which one was telling the other the story about Jesus!

I appreciated when one mom shared with me that she was afraid her daughter would be told that she is going to hell…her family had a frightening experience with a Christian family a few years back that they all still feel uncomfortable about.  By the end of Jesters the whole family was so excited to be a part of our theatre family and felt accepted and secure.  They like Christian values and are open to talking about God.  Our team works at sensitively sharing all aspects of the Gospel with youth and families.

Another community student shared that this year at Jesters “I have learned how to trust other people and to trust God.”  

Lots of good stories and memories…  We’d love to do more in the community; maybe God will bring along another worker to work alongside us.  Pray for God`s direction at Jesters Theatre!

- Sharon

Posted on January 2, 2013