Lifeteams: What we didn’t expect …

After only one day with this group of grade 11′s, our students wondered if they were doing something wrong.  Usually the kids open up fairly quickly and are willing to enter into all the students have planned for them, despite some fears.  This group was different. There seemed to be walls up – and even heart breaking stories they encountered about the lives of those they came to serve were met with stone faces.  But as the days past the walls began to come down and our students began to hear heart breaking stories from the kid’s own lives.  This particular class had, for the most part, been together since kindergarten and the amount of hurt they had inflicted on each other had built up through the years into an unhealthy place.  And from those places we have nothing to give to others.  So God used the homeless people – again – to break down some of the self-protecting walls and open up conversations about pain and hurt.  And on the last night at 2:00 a.m. kids were still awake at the Lifeteams building, scattered all around the facility praying for each other and repenting to each other for the way they had been.

God is doing a new thing in these kids’ hearts – reconciling them to each other and most importantly to himself.  We had planned a trip to reconcile them to the poor, but God showed them who the poor really were.

Posted on February 28, 2013

The EP Sponsorship & Families

People often wonder what difference does the $40 a month for sponsorship actually make. The answer is that it makes a big difference!

As the students in Kigali started a new school year in January, our colleagues in Rwanda have been busy updating all the information on the students who are part of the sponsorship program – updating information on the current students, and adding information on students new to the program. As we’ve worked together on this, some exciting news came to our attention. Three Rwandan families whose children have been supported by sponsorship no longer need the financial support of The Elevation Project Sponsorship Program!

This is exciting news. Not only does it mean that these three families financial situations have improved enough that they can now support their children’s education independently, it also means that there are 12 spots open for new children to participate in this life-changing program!

Sponsorship not only makes a difference in the lives of Rwandan families, it also has an impact on the Canadian families who participate as sponsors. Check out what one sponsor has to say about the impact it’s had on their family.

Sponsorship has changed our lives in a way I wouldn’t have expected. We initially sponsored Aimé as a way to explore the idea of giving with a personal cost. We agreed to set aside one meal a week to both pray for Aimé and eat a simple meal so that we can afford his sponsorship fees. While this has much benefit in expanding our family’s worldview and increasing our children’s personal self-discipline, some things have happened that we did not intentionally encourage.  Aimé has become a regular unprompted focus of prayer, hopes and dreams for our children. One of our kids has consistently put “visiting Aimé’s city” on their wish list. Another routinely prayers for him at unexpected times.  Sometimes I find the third looking at the side of the bookshelf beside his bed as he falls asleep, and then I realize that it is where the photo of Aime hangs.  Sponsorship turned into a way for me to glimpse the capacity of people (my children) to extended care and concern to someone outside their physical place.

Thank-you for making those lessons possible!

Almost all of the student’s on the program are matched up with sponsors for 2013 – we just have 3 more to go! Click here if you are interested in finding out about The Elevation Project Sponsorship Program.

If you’d like to make a donation to support The Elevation Project, click here.

Posted on February 20, 2013

Position Opening: Finance and Data Processing

Greater Vancouver Youth for Christ/Youth Unlimited has an opening for a Financial/Data Processor. This is a part time position (20 hours a week) beginning in February. This position requires the ability to work alone as well as with a team. An aptitude and ability to work with numbers and money is essential, as well as good communication skills and the ability to work with computers. Daily activities include processing mail, bank deposits, data entry, and generating computer reports. The position is salaried through a combination of guaranteed funds and faith support pledges. The position also requires a servant heart, the desire to see youth ministry flourish, and agreement with the YFC statement of faith.

Please send resumes and covering letter to:

Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited
Attention: Dean Klassen
#115 12975 84th Ave
Surrey, BC V3W 1B3


Posted on February 12, 2013