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Richmond Youth Unlimited will be taking teens to Mexico as a part of the bi-annual Project Serve trips run out of our youth centre, The Fridge. The group of teens and staff will leave on July 31st and will return home in mid-August.

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Posted on July 29, 2013

Posted on July 22, 2013

Less than a month until Mexico!

Less than a month until our Project Serve team leaves for Mexico, and while there is still a ton of work to be done before we begin our trek, things are coming together quite nicely – and most of us are quite excited. There are a few kids who are of the mindset that they will be on some great vacation. They really have no idea how much hard work they will have to do!

All the fun begins days in a van without any privacy whatsoever. No personal media players, we tell them – unless it’s plugged in van’s sound system. Everything we do is a team effort, a group project, a building exercise we tell them. We don’t shower together though….actually we don’t shower at all! (suddenly a bunch of hands shoot up). Yes, you get to shower, but only three times during the entire two weeks we’re gone. Yes, there’s a water shortage in the area where we visit. But that doesn’t mean we don’t pay attention to hygiene. Wet wipes, deodorant, toothpaste and hand washing will be very important to you and those around you!

Once at the children’s ranch in Mexico, our youth will see how little it takes to bring a smile to a kid who has almost nothing. They will see that their joy comes from a God who loves unconditionally, a God who provides their needs, and also being a part of a loving and supportive community. Amazingly, their joy has absolutely nothing to do with the the stuff they own.

More to come on Mexico next month!

(Written by: Graham Gortzen | Richmond & East Vancouver Area)

Posted on July 11, 2013

Surf Trip!

In June, Mike and I (Cecil) took 10 boys from Surrey for an experience most of them had never done before.  We went to Tofino on Vancouver Island, for a surf trip.

We have known these boys for quite some time already, especially Mike who runs a skate boarding club for them every week.  These boys mostly come from pretty dysfunctional homes, although there were two brothers new to the club, who are wonderful young Christian men, but financially things are very tight for them. They are living on their own right now, and doing their best to get by.  These two brothers were so natural and open with their faith, as they intermingled, talking about Jesus with skateboarding and everyday life as they bantered with the other kids.  Over the 4 days that we camped, skated and surfed, they definitely had a large impact on the rest of the group.

As we were setting up camp, most of the boys had no idea how to put up a tent. This was all new for them.  Surfing was only one of a lot of firsts for these young guys. I loved seeing the huge smiles on their faces as they came up out of the waves after falling off the surfboard.  They were having the time of their lives.  And in the evening, there were excited conversations around the campfire as they traded stories of who rode a wave and how far.  There were opportunities to speak with them of God’s love, and endless opportunities to show them the same.  And this was how they responded afterwards on the skate club facebook site.

“So great”

“Most definitely an amazing weekend for sure! Thanks”

“Thanks everyone for putting up with all of us”

“sick weekend, felt under the weather a lot and missed out a bit but everything else just make it over the top”

“super fun trip!! Hope there’s more stuff like it in the future!”

“Yeh, thanks a lot, makes me stoked for Roadrage!”

(Written by: Cecil Rast | Surrey Area)

Posted on July 9, 2013