Inspiring testimony from our Mission Dessert Night

It’s testimony time!  I’ve decided to have 14-year old “Steven” share his story of trauma and amazing transformation with you…

“Hi!  My name is “Steven”.  My story is about how God is helping my family through many Christian organizations and good people who have surrounded us.

“When I was 4 years old, my Dad died of leukemia.  Then, when I was 8 years old, my mom married another man.  He ended up being very angry, violent, and disrespectful toward us.  He would hurt my mom and us kids when she didn’t do what he told her to do.  I never think of him as a dad because he was so horrible to us.

“A few years later, God and the police helped our family escape from this awful man.  We then moved to Mission.  I had become a bully and I was bullied at school.  My mom and I prayed lots and lots.

“Since I was 11 years old, we’ve been involved with Cedar Valley Mennonite Church, Valley Christian School, and Youth Unlimited.   One man has become like an uncle to me.  I call him Uncle Harry. That’s so important for me since I’ve not really had a dad for most of my life.  My mom prays with my siblings and I and reminds us that with God’s help, I can love everyone and treat my family respectfully.

“We’ve known Dave, Sharon and Youth Unlimited for a couple of years.  I go to Valley Christian School with their kids.  The school really supports my family.  Last summer, my mom and I went on an Adventure Retreat at the Wiebes’ home.  We went kayaking, had a campfire, watched a movie, and did some team games with blindfolds in the forest.  My mom took me on this retreat because we rarely get to be alone together to talk and have a good time.

“I was The Grinch in Jester’s Theatre this fall.  Each week includes small group devotions where we learn how to have a good character for acting and for real life.  They also teach us about God’s character.  I’m not bullied there and I don’t feel the need to be a bully.  My mom says that being in Jesters Theatre gives me confidence.  Being on stage in my costume gives me a safe place to let my humor and full potential out.  I am also surrounded by good role models.

On August 4th my mom’s friend helped me invite Jesus into my heart!  I’m now a follower of Jesus.  It is the coolest thing!  Then, last Sunday, I was baptised!”

Be blessed.  We are grateful for your partnership in reaching out together to “Steven’ and many other young people!

In partnership with you,

Dave and Sharon Wiebe

(Riley, Rahul, and Macey)

Posted on November 28, 2013

Drama Llamas, Senior Citizens, and Shuffleboard Bowling

At Fuel, our weekly outreach event in Richmond, we’ve been dealing with increasing drama – and then violence involving a small group of girls.

The result was suspensions, phone calls to the school, conversations with parents and just doing what we had to do to keep the peace. Not surprising that it all stemmed from a boy…

So a number of weeks ago, when these girls showed up for youth group, I automatically braced myself. But something was different. I noticed they were occupying more or less the same space. Without yelling and screaming. In fact, they were being quite civilized, and upon closer observation, it appeared that they were even friends!

Not the expected outcome. But a good outcome!

That evening, we visited a senior’s home and played shuffleboard bowling. (I learned that at this senior’s home, shuffleboard bowling is the main event.) And the seniors were primed and ready for us. As our evening there drew to a close, I noticed the little group of girls off to the side chatting to the charge nurse. I later asked them about this. They excitedly produced volunteer application forms! “We want to volunteer here! These seniors are so cool!” they squeaked.

Again, not an expected outcome, and I’m not certain if they followed through, but I’m encouraged. These fragile young women put up a tough front. Many are pulled in different directions by those whose motives are less than admirable. I know that we can’t be there every step of the way protecting them, so we continue to initiate, connect with and pray for them. Please pray too – for our female leaders as they speak into and share their lives with these girls.

- Graham (Richmond)

Posted on November 5, 2013

Find out what’s going on in Langley at our new web site!

Our Langley area has a new web site where you can read some inspirational stories, take a glance at their calendar and view some awesome videos. 

Take a look at

Posted on November 4, 2013

What is our Abbotsford area up too?

The Wide Angle - Here is a wide angle snapshot of who we are and what we are up to!  We seek to be a close-knit team who join together in serving young people and their families.  This team includes our prayer and financial supporters (100s), our volunteers (24), and our staff (9).  God has given us the opportunity to work with over 600 youth throughout the year in a variety of ministry contexts.

Our youth workers use their unique abilities in innovative ways to respond in love to the spiritual, social, physical and mental needs of youth.  We seek to enter the world of young people to build transformative communities where all are unconditionally accepted and accompanied in life’s journey.  Ultimately, we recognize that young people and their families will be transformed as they connect with Jesus Christ.

C-21 Youth Centre / The Verge - The C-21 Youth Centre is a safe community for teens who are dealing with a myriad of painful issues like bullying, abortion, cutting, suicide, drug abuse, peer rejection, and homelessness.  Our youth workers mentor and disciple these teens while supporting their families who endeavor to raise them.  The Verge is a discipling community of people who are committed to serving the C-21 teens.

SafeRide Home - This service ensures that teens have safe transportation to protect them from potentially dangerous situations.  Our staff and volunteers stay out until 2:30am on weekends ensuring that kids get home safely.  While in the van, our leaders strike up meaningful conversations with youth about the social and spiritual issues they may be wrestling with.  The SR team provided over 1200 rides last year!

Counseling Dale Peters is our registered clinical therapist.  His greater level of expertise is necessary to help youth struggling with issues of trauma, abuse and deep family dysfunction.  We celebrate the fact that after counseling, many youth, parents, and couples take steps to move into healthy new territories.

Public Schools - We place a high priority on the holistic development of young people.  Therefore, the public schools invite us into their buildings.   Our staff serve in 4  schools and connect with 150 youth each week.  Our staff and volunteers run a breakfast program for underprivileged families, tutor students in their classrooms, supervise athletics at lunch time, and run our own after school arts program.

Posted on November 1, 2013