San Diego is skater-cool – Tony Hawk was raised here

Mexico_2015_Shirt_logo_Small   San Diego is skater-cool. Tony Hawk was raised here. But Floyd the Flamingo is wary of Hawks; understandably. Anyway, Floyd and the Project Serve Mexico team arrived in this great city this afternoon. Safely. And greeted with mucho gusto by our friends at Chinese Community Church. They served us shaved ice immediately upon our arrival.

Yesterday was tough on the nerves because of two major in incidents on the I-5. This put us behind schedule and we arrived in Bakersfield 12:15 AM. I was so amazed at the positivity oozing from our team. There was seriously no complaining. Laughter, singing and some amazing conversations were present in all three vans.

I think there’s something special about this team. I’m sure there is.

- Graham Goertzen

Posted on July 31, 2015

Keep your eyes here for #YUProjectServe Mexico


This is the place to be in coming weeks, we will be posting blog updates and tweets during our Mexico trip! For more info on this trip, contact Graham and Toto who work in Richmond!

Posted on July 28, 2015