MY House is OPEN!!

A few weeks ago, we had our first dinner with youth in the House. One was recently homeless, one was currently homeless and the other hung out downtown (a little too much). It was an awesome time spent over a meal and bonding with each other. That’s the first step… building a relationship of trust.

The Children and Youth Services Review published a research paper entitled, “How to Open and Sustain a Drop-In Centre for Homeless Youth.” It states that:

…engagement and re-integration is considered a by product of the development of trust, interpersonal connection, and unconditional positive regard. To treat an individual as worthy and capable, even when the individual does not act or feel that way is unconditional positive regard. The development of a genuine, empathic relationship with unconditional positive regard between the youth and a drop-in service worker is the hypothesized mechanism of change.

Relationship with youth is what we’re good at. We listen to their story. Then they want to know our story of how we have found HOPE in the saving love of Jesus. At the same time, we work to meet their needs such as meals, showers, laundry, medical care and connection to professional help.

Hope is the banner over MY House. I believe that multitudes of youth will find hope to move towards wholeness through the ministry of MY House.

I am still blown away by the amount of support MY House has received from the community. I’m humbled by the level of trust that all who have partnered with MY House have extended to Youth Unlimited. We have been entrusted to be the front-line workers and management of the daily operations of MY House. I’m blown away by the tens of thousands of dollars (in material, labour and donations) that our community has given towards MY House.

- Calvin

Posted on October 6, 2015