Youth Unlimited in Abbotsford seeks to be a close-knit team of volunteers, ministry partners, and staff who join together in serving young people and their families.  We use our unique abilities in creative ways to respond in love to their spiritual, social, and mental needs. We enter the world of young people to build transformative communities where all are unconditionally accepted and accompanied in life’s journey.

Our School Contexts- Our staff serve in 7 public schools.  They open their doors for us to…

…help students with their assignments in the classrooms,

…supervise the hallways and gymnasiums during lunch hours,

…run athletic activities such as ball hockey and basketball,

…provide leadership in school-based outdoor trips such as hiking,

…and talk with students when they wrestle with deep emotional pain.

Our “Out of School” Contexts – Our staff have the freedom to develop innovative ministries which respond to the real needs of the young people we have relationships with.  Our primary ministries include…

…The C-21 Youth Centre – A safe place for youth workers to provide mentoring relationships and a healthy discipling community with youth.

…The Verge – A discipling community linked to C-21 made up of people who feel called to love and serve the youth and families of central Abbotsford.

…Counseling – Professional counseling for youth, parents, couples, and individuals.

…Outsider Sports Club - Outsider Sport Club employs outdoor sports activities/events to provide youth with caring relationships and developmental opportunities for their whole person (mental, physical, spiritual, emotional and spiritual).

…Cabin Time – A weekly meal time where youth examine the Word of God and how it applies to their lives.

…Young Moms – A service for the teen moms in need of practical assistance and loving support.

…Camps and Day Trips – Special times away together where young people deepen their healthy relationships with our youth workers while addressing emotional, social, and spiritual issues in ways that are unique to camps and day trips.

…One-to-Ones – Meeting with youth to talk through life and faith issues.