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Who are we?

What does a struggling youth from North America have in common with a teen living in poverty in the developing world? More than you can imagine. While they share deep challenges beyond what many others face, they also share hope and potential to live life to the full. They need support but both have much to give each other, and the rest of the world. Recognizing some of the challenges youth across the world face and knowing that together we could do more than we could working alone, Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited partnered with Rwanda Youth for Christ in 2007, combining skills, creativity, resources and dedication. This partnership has been transformational in both Canada and Rwanda through our shared programs: The Elevation Experience – our leadership development program; and student sponsorship.

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Student Sponsorship

* We are always on the look out for more sponsors! Please download our sponsorship brochure (Canadian, US, Australian) or contact our office for more information if you are interested in student sponsorship!

Click here to see photos of one of our sponsors when she travelled with us to Rwanda.

Elevation Project thank you from Charlotte Browning on Vimeo. (2012 stats)

Across the globe, education is accepted as a key to a promising future. In Rwanda, however, public education is crippled by a severe lack of resources. As a result, the poorer a child’s background is, the poorer his or her education opportunities—thus locking families into cycles of poverty. Youth Unlimited has partnered with Kigali Christian School (KCS) and generous partners like you to provide life-changing scholarships to the one-third of students at KCS who cannot afford their school fees. KCS offers students an exceptional education, training leaders in all fields to move Rwanda children, families, and their entire country forward. Every student at the school receives a hot lunch, but it is especially important for the sponsored students as this lunch may be the only meal they eat during the day. As well, Rwanda YFC employs a gifted social worker that communicates with the sponsored students and their families in order to work with them through the challenges that they face.

Please download our sponsorship brochure (Canadian, US, Australian) or contact our office for more information if you are interested in student sponsorship!

The Elevation Experience

Much more than your average mission trip, we give youth who are interested in issues of poverty, justice, and international development the opportunity to have their outlook challenged and their world rocked by plugging in to our life-changing partnership with Rwanda Youth for Christ. The Elevation Experience is a full-fledged 18-month leadership development program that includes: In-depth training, a dynamic team of both Canadians and Rwandans, the opportunity to put what you learn into practice during a 2 and a half-week trip to Rwanda, as well as a year of post-trip involvement. This all culminates with a certificate of completion and a reference letter for successful participants, in addition to all the wonderful new friends you make along the way!

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JustUs for YU website

We live in a broken and unjust world, however, young people today are passionate about change. Their hearts break for the injustice they see in the world around them and they yearn to be a part of the solution. The problem is that they have few resources to help them. These youth do have the potential to change our world, but they need the knowledge, tools and revolutionary Biblical perspective to equip them to take the next steps.

In order to enable them to engage with a world that is crying out for transformation, we partnered with the Wellspring Foundation to create JustUs, a guide to discovering God’s heart for the poor. He has endless compassion and fierce love for those who suffer injustice. So should we. Our desire is to enable young people to join Him in working towards restoration, healing and wholeness.

This generation wants to change our world for the better.

We want to help them.

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Past Elevation Project Activities

Women’s Project

2013 Sewing School Graduation

2013 Sewing School Graduation

This project ran from 2008 to 2014 and saw the transformation of over 45 women’s lives as they grew in their understanding of dignity while learning skills that would help them support their families. It is currently on hiatus for a year of strategic planning and we look forward to seeing how it will evolve in the future!

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For many Rwandan women, their story includes war, rape, HIV, and poverty, but for those we work with, we aim to add one element to the story—hope. Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited  joined the team in Rwanda to provide a place to belong and a source of income. We work specifically with disadvantaged women to empower them to lives to the full: spiritually, physically and socially. This occurs in three phases: Crisis Support, Advanced Life Skills Training, and Business Training. Women who participated in the program also had the opportunity to enrol their children on the Sponsorship Program, and work consistently with Rwanda YFC’s social worker to address the needs of the whole family.