Our Langley team of youth workers strive to live out our faith, by that we mean that we want to follow the model of Jesus to walk alongside the hurting, the outcast and the rejected and treat them with dignity, honor and respect.  While we would love others to join us on the journey of faith, our work is about living out the convictions we have to following that example, not forcing or manipulating others onto the same pathway that we follow.  Our dream is that the youth of Langley would have the means to live a healthy life; physically, emotionally, intellectually, socially and spiritually.  Since 2005 Langley YU has lived out this dream by engaging with and addressing the needs of the community and paring these needs with the individual passions of our team in addressing these needs in partnership with schools, community organizations committees as well as faith communities and churches.

What that means is that you can find us engaged in the lives of young people wherever they find themselves from the streets to schools.  We work tirelessly to foster connections and partnerships with local schools, government officals and community agencies and decision makers that can help us see our dream of healthy lives be achieved and for youth to use these connections to thrive.

All of our work in Langley is committed to that dream of bringing life to youth.

Campus Life


Our Campus Life Department serves the youth, teachers and staff of many schools throughout Langley.

We Serve directly as partners agency with many elementary and high schools within the Langley School District.  We are able to serve wherever there is a need.

Because we have an amazing relationship with the school district, we also serve as facilitators for other youth serving agencies  who want to serve in schools, but aren’t sure where to begin.

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please connect with us by emailing us here: or visiting our area website

Creative Life


Our Creative Life Department aims to foster belonging and emotional health through the visual arts. Creative Life (Formerly known as Art Addicts) is an after school art program for high-school aged youth provided by Langley Youth Unlimited. Creative Life provides youth a chance to explore different ideas, concepts and perspectives without judgement or pressure through creative expression and visual arts while making meaningful connections with their peers and other creative and caring adults in their community.

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please connect with us by emailing us here: or visiting our area website

Community Life

Our Community Life Department is dedicated to fostering strong relationships with youth and community stake-holders. In our Community Life department, we have the Momentum Peer Mentorship Program and the End Exploitation Training Program.


Momentum (noun): An impelling force or strength of a moving body.
Momentum is a Student Leadership Program offered by Youth Unlimited in Langley. The program is about learning leadership through training, mentoring and experience.  In momentum, high school students are placed in a local youth work program to build into their home community helping to prevent social bullying and crime in their own neighborhoods and schools.  In momentum students are paired up with a caring adult mentor that can help them identify their areas of growth and affirm them in their strengths.  In momentum students have community hours to use for school and for their resume.


End Exploitation Now.

In order for a community to protect young people from the realities of sexual exploitation , they must be identified. A lack of understanding the root causes and the intricacies of the issue can allow young people to be hidden in the midst of normalcy and day to day life. In many cases the reality of sexual exploitation is so far removed from our lives that we cannot comprehend that it actually happens in our community.

Whether it is a teen being recruited into the sex trade or being blackmailed for compromising pictures taken at a party. It is exploitation and it is something we do not want to tolerate in our area in any form.

The task of stopping this may, at times, seem overwhelming but you can be a part of protecting the young people in our community. Many of the young people active in human trafficking and sexual exploitation have indicated that they have not had a person in their lives that they felt they could trust to help.

Make the choice to be ONE person that can CHANGE the life of someone trapped in human exploitation.

Our field workers have encountered youth being exploited in out area and have the A.I.M. of making our community AWARE of the problem, to equip the community to IDENTIFY signs of exploration and how to report it. and to invite others to join in the MOVEMENT to end exploitation

Our team is well equipped to offer training to community groups, churches, businesses, schools, and government offices.  Please contact us about hosting one of our presenters at your next staff meeting.

If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please connect with us by emailing us here: or visiting our area website


Spiritual Life

In our Spiritual Life department is a program that brings youth interested in exploring Christianity together with other youth and young adults. Over a meal we discuss issues of faith, encourage each other, and find ways to live out what we believe.
We also continue to build bridges with local churches in an effort to foster healthy connections and build a broad spiritual community.
If you have any additional questions, comments or concerns, please connect with us by emailing us here: or visiting our area website