Maple Ridge

Maple Ridge may be small, but it packs a punch. Known for developing numerous professional athletes, the city has much to offer the world. Youth Unlimited has been active in Maple Ridge since 2002, establishing an Arts & Music Café and a Skateboard Club, as well as numerous school programs where we support youth and inspire them to give back to their community.


Inside Out Leadership Course

Inside Out is a 6 month, part time, leadership development opportunity designed to help young adults discover and hone their God given gifts, skills and abilities, and to further equip them to impact their world by fully living out the Kingdom of God. Through regular coaching sessions, leadership opportunities, and both experiential and classroom learning, students will acquire the tools and resources to not only be ambassadors of change in their community, but also to lead others on their faith journeys as well.

Courses start January and September and are flexibly designed with the busy young adult in mind.

Check out the brochure and fill out our application if you’re interested!


High School Breakfast 

In 2010 it became clear to Youth Unlimited staff that a surprising number of kids in Maple Ridge high schools did not have access to a proper breakfast (and often lunch as well). In response, YU now coordinates weekly breakfast programs, supported by donors and volunteers. Since all school teens can participate (regardless of financial need), the target group is not stigmatized and youth have the additional benefit of participating in community by sharing a meal together. It’s been rewarding for YU staff to observe healthy relationships being built among youth as well as to participate in building partnerships as we serve alongside community groups.


Outdoor Bike Program

NEW! Our outdoor bike program is designed for 14-19 year olds and will help youth become active and involved in their community. This program will help youth learn problem solving skills, will improve physical health, and gain a feeling of ownership in their community through participating in trail days!

Peak season: March – October
Bi-weekly rides planned (weather dependent)

Off Season: November – February Monthly rides planned

For more information, view our brochure.


Lunch Club

Through weekly lunch clubs hosted by YU, students have the opportunity to engage in deeper conversations without judgement or ridicule. In these relaxed environments, they discuss a myriad of life, spiritual and social issues. We’ve had the privilege of seeing those discussions turn to action, as many students become motivated to serve their school in unique ways. Hot Chocolate mornings, Christmas Candy Cane giveaways, Valentine Chocolates for teachers, service trips with the Salvation Army and to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside are just some of the unique and effective initiatives they’ve embarked on. Youth Unlimited staff also coordinate extended trips to California, Mexico and Rwanda

Community Support Role

Youth Unlimited serves its community through partnership and collaboration. We volunteer in high schools, supporting youth workers and counselors meeting the many complex needs of teens in our community. Seasonally, YU workers can be found coaching sports teams and participating in other recreational activities and clubs, being the extra coach or adult required for the youth activity to run.

For the church community, YU workers provide support and mentorship to student-led, school prayer groups and we also organize regular Youth Pastor network brunches and partner in their youth events.



• Inside Out Young Adults Leadership Program (Updated: February 2013)

• High School Breakfast Program (Updated: January 2013)