As a majority minority city, Richmond is comprised of many different nationalities, many of which are often recent immigrants. The group often expriences isolation and the youth are thus more succeptable to negative peer presure. To fight these challenges Youth Unlimited Richmond has developed numerous programs focused on integration through teamwork, self-esteem buidling and adventure.


Sports Teams

We are involved in various Sports.  We run recreational floor hockey league, lunch hour fitness club and coach various sports in the local highschools, such as Tennis, Table Tennis, Volleyball and Badminton.  Sports are an important part of young people’s lives, it is an opportunity to build confidence and discover the person they are on the inside.  Coaching give us a great opportunity to build into young peoples lives through the world of sports.


Adventure Trips

Youth are at the age where they both begin to develop independence yet desperately need loving guidance. Many youth strive for adventure, but do not have safe boundaries, nor purpose-filled input from mature adults. Through Youth Unlimited Richmond’s Adventure trips, youth can spread the dive into a world of adventure and fun, while building relationships with leaders who care and can mentor them as they navigate the years ahead. Some of the camps have a more mature and/spirit-filled focus, while others have a higher focus on relaxation and fun, but all lead to stronger relationships and a deeper understanding of themselves. On a consistent basis, we run Project Serve Mexico trips, where a group of 30+ people will Serve at Rancho Milagro Children’s home, near Ensenada, Mexico. For many years, we have had summer camps at Camp Latona, but recently tried an inland camp – Spring Lake Camp, which is a horse ranch.  Over night ski trips have been at the amazing Whistler resort, and most recently at Manning Park Resort.  During Spring Break we have typically taken a group down to Disneyland or similar recreational locations.  Our Spiritual Retreat have mainly been local, with the emphasis on God’s creation and how God is in our lives.