School Supplies for Rwanda

Unlike Canada, schooling is not free in Rwanda and what there is, is often not of a high standard. Unfortunately it is way beyond the cost of poor Rwandan families, which means that kids from the poorest backgrounds are never given the chance to escape from the poverty that surrounds them. It is for this reason that Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited has partnered with Kigali Christian School.

As you can imagine, many of the things we take for granted are not available in Rwanda and the schools resources are very slim. Therefore, we are planning to send a container of much needed equipment to the school in April that will include items such as art, stationary and sports supplies, essential equipment for a science lab and key items for core curriculums such as text books.

We would like to ask for your help for any donations of equipment and supplies from the list below that you are able to make. If you are unable to donate supplies, we are able to offer a tax receipt for any financial donations, 100% of which will go towards this project.

For more information, please contact our central office at 604.590.3759.

Thank you for your consideration.

Equipment for School:
Educational Posters
Library Books
Wall Clocks
Equipment for School Lab:
Distiller AF200 AS230/50/1 model Automatic Fire System
First Aid Box (Medical)
The Little Steam Room
Centrifuge fixed speed 4500 utr/min 4 tubes 15 ml
Crystal lattice of carbon, graphite & diamond
Crystal lattice of Na cl
Crystal lattice of ice
Heating mantle w/regulator cap.500m/220 – 240V 50 H2 AC
Water Distiller 220 – 240V, 50 H2 – 3kw
Balance Scales
Other Scales
Bunsen Burners, etc.
Sports Equipment:
Stop Watch
Soccer Balls
Basket Balls
Net to carry balls
Pumps and needles
Mini-soccer Training Goals
Larger Soccer Goals & Nets
Scoreboards (kind used for Jr Hi B-ball where you flip over the numbers)
Inks for following printers:
Aficio MP 171
HP Deskjet D4360
Dell MFP 3115 cn
Dell Laser MFP 1815 dn
Other Items for KCS:
CD Players
Human torso full sz (skeleton & muscles)
Science wall charts (skeleton, brain, muscles, digestive urinary, blood system, etc.)
History & Geography Atlases
English Dictionaries
Grammar Books (English)
Arts paints
Book Shelves
Digital Camera
Modeling clay
First Aid Kits
Paper cutting machine
Paper binding machine
Big punching machine
Big Stapler (heavy duty)
Simple electric circuit materials
Magnets (bar, u-shaped, cylindrical, etc)
A compass
Model of muscles
Iron filings

Posted on February 4, 2011