Averee Creighton

Why I work with Youth Unlimited:

Young people have have a fresh perspective on life, and  are so ready for change. They’re constantly working through things, and it brings me joy to walk alongside them through their highs and lows.

How I connect with youth:

There’s nothing better than sitting down for a hot chocolate with a young person and getting real about how life is going. I also love fostering community between youth and helping them form stable, uplifting friendships with peers.

More about me:

  • I grew up on the North Shore
  • I’ve been volunteering with teens since 2007 at summer camp on Anvil Island
  • I’m a UBC Science grad
  • I have a (not so) secret passion for birding
  • My husband, Kevin, builds robots
  • My favourite summer pastime is floating on the water

What I wish there was more of: 

I think our community needs more safe places for youth to share their stories — to disarm their darkest struggles by shedding light on them. I also wish there was more good Mexican food on the North Shore.

Area: North Shore
Role: Youth Worker
Email: averee@youthunlimited.com

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