Jonathan Mitchell

Jonathan was born and raised in East Vancouver. He is part of a large family and is the oldest of 9 siblings (some natural, some foster, and some honorary ones too).  As a student of John Oliver Secondary, Jonathan has grown up with a heart for Vancouver and to see a generation of youth awakened to the reality of who Jesus is.

Graduating and realizing that nothing had been accomplished for the kingdom though him Jonathan was convicted that he needed to invest in the next generation to help them discover their call before high school came and went.

After volunteering at a youth group for several years, God began to awaken this group of kids to the power of worship and unity. Jonathan started to plan a worship night called Chapel alongside several other leaders and youth pastors in South Vancouver to begin to worship and dream together about what God can do through a group of passionate teens. This faith was contagious and soon the little Church they were meeting in was outgrown. Chapel moved to the local high school and it saw youth groups from even other suburbs making the trek to be a part of a unified worship night. Unity amongst leaders in the local suburbs led to launches of their own chapters of Chapel. Jonathan’s role is now to oversee them ensuring the mission stays true and the network continues to knit more and more leaders into the fold.

Jonathan is beyond excited to see the way God is going to use his ministry to unite the body of Christ in Vancouver in order to reach the lost more effectively.

Area: Vancouver
Role: Chapel Coordinator

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